Middle Eastern Student Commission


An event held by SUPER UW in collaboration with MESC:

On April 17th, 2017, Palestinian prisoners of Israel went on a hunger strike to protest their inhumane treatment by the state. Led by Marwan Baghouti, they demanded restored visitation times (that had been previously cut) and adequate food; the prisoners maintained their strike for 40 days until an agreement was reached. To raise awareness and international pressure, Barghouti’s son called for the #SaltWaterChallenge, asking supporters to drink a glass of saltwater and post a video to show solidarity, as that was all the prisoners had been consuming for the duration of their strike. The staff and constituents of the MESC took part in the challenge and challenged others to do the same.

MESC strongly advocates for justice for marginalized and underrepresented people, especially among UW students, facing structural and societal oppression.


To view MESC’s #SaltWaterChallenge, please head over to our Facebook page or use the link below: